DT Swiss 350 road hubs hand built into RR 411 road rims


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Moonglu Wheelworks hand built classic road wheels featuring DT Swiss 350 hubs and RR 411 rims. 

DT Swiss cartridge bearing equipped 350 series hubs built into a new generation DT Swiss road rim. The most advanced alloy existing for rims meets the most advanced rim profile to form the RR 411 rim. From the moment the alloy is melted all the way to the secret surface treatment, this rim is all about getting the absolute best out of the great, shiny metal that is aluminium. Very light, very strong, very classy is the result. In its asymmetric version it allows us to build wheels with even tension, making for an even crispier ride.

These wheels are an excellent upgrade wheel set and customer feedback so far highlights the extra comfort and smoothness of the wider profile, lighter weight RR 411 rim. The front wheel is built with a radial spoke pattern, the rear is 3 cross on both sides with an asymmetric rim. 

All our DT Swiss rim equipped wheels now have the option of silver alloy Squorx Prolock spoke nipples or Sapim Double Square Secure Lock Brass in Silver or Black. All these options are compatible with DT PHR washers. The use of these nipples allows us to use a slightly longer spoke for added strength and to build the wheels from the outside, reducing tooling marks on the spoke nipple. 


Build specification:

Wheel Weight

  • Front Wheel - 722g
  • Rear Wheel - 867g
  • Total Weight - 1589g
  • Rim only - 435g

Further Information

  • Option of Shimano HG (9/10/11 speed) or SRAM XDR alloy freehub bodies.
  • Spoke Nipple. We would recommend brass spoke nipples in UK riding conditions to extend service life but we do offer the option of alloy nipples for those that would prefer them. 
  • These rims are tubeless compatible, they will be supplied with 2 complete rounds of yellow tubeless tape. The rims can be used with or without inner tubes.
  • These wheels are only compatible with standard quick release frames with 100mm forks and 130mm rear dropouts. These wheels are not supplied with wheel skewers. 
  • For all the wheel aficionados, we build all our wheels with the hub logo lined up with the rim valve hole. A small matter, but important to those with a wheel fetish.
  • The wheel weights quoted above are genuine, complete wheels measured in the shop.
  • For further information about our wheel builds please refer to our Wheel Building FAQs.
  • Warranty Policy

Stock, Shipping and Returns

Shipping Destinations: United Kingdom only

Returns Class: Custom

Delivery: Free in the UK

Click and Collect: Yes


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  • Hi Neil, Hope you are well. I have some Hope winter wheels with Hope Pro3 hubs and Stans 400 rims which I've worn the rims out on. I was wondering what you would suggest to maintain or better the low weight for winter / wet riding but maintain the winter riding abaility. I believe the hubs are fine. I ride a titanium SPA frame so the bike is pretty comfy as it is but I do not like these Stans rims as i find them a pain to remove tyres and Ive never run tubeless on the road - I tend to run latex tubes and Conti 4 season tyres 25mm. Being a light rider ~65kg I've found this combination very good. I'm interested in your expert opinion as I've been looking throughyour web page. I see the DT RR411 look a similar weigh rim. There is no hurry as i have other wheels if I need to switch. Currently I'm still riding on the wheels but I know the rims are well past their indicators. Hopefully summer will come soon :-) Prices would also be good of course. Thanks, Martin

    Hi Martin, thanks for leaving a message. 

    I'd be happy to rebuild your wheels with new rims if the hubs are in worthwhile condition. It sounds like they are.

    The RR411 would be an ideal replacement, it is a great quality rim, slightly wider profile but that would suit your 25mm tyres better than the Alpha 400s. I have the RR411s on my summer bike and they build really well and I've had no issues at all with them. 

    I guess your wheels are 32 hole front and rear? I'd probably need to rebuild with new spokes because the lengths will be different. The cost is likely to be £295 for the rims, spokes and rebuild. 

    If you decide to have the work done please drop the wheels off at your convenience. 

    Kind Regards
    For Moonglu

    Neil Dunkley