Hand Built Wheel Warranty

Our hand built wheel warranty policy is something that I have neglected over the years. By addressing it directly I hope that the following information will give potential wheel customers that extra layer of confidence when considering a wheel order from Moonglu Wheelworks. 

Firstly, all the hand built wheels that leave our shop are built by me, Moonglu owner Neil Dunkley. If you have called or emailed the shop to discuss wheels then it will be me that you have talked to. Everything is dealt with by me, from taking the order, ordering the parts, building the wheels, packaging the wheels and making sure they are posted, I deal with everything from start to finish. Ultimately, if anything goes wrong, it's down to me!

From those that know me, to people that read my website, I hope it comes across that I am passionate about my wheels and I pride myself in their performance. Most clients are paying anywhere between £400 and £2000 of their hard earned money for these wheels and I wouldn't do the same on a website unless I was sure I was buying a quality product. 

I am hands on with these wheels but I don't build hundreds of pairs, our orders come in steadily allowing me the time to build each wheel with care and attention. I have been down the route of build them as quickly as possible and it comes back to bite you. I take my time and I believe now that I am building some incredibly good wheels, time after time. 

Ultimately, the original question was warranty. My wheels are built up of component parts, hubs, spokes and rims. Each of these are covered by individual manufacturers warranty. This is the reason we have partnered with quality component manufacturers such as Hope Technology, DT Swiss, Chris King, Sapim and Stans No Tubes. Warranty covers manufacturers defects, not rider damage. We cannot warranty fair wear and tear, particularly hub bearing failure unless it is deemed to be premature. 

For the build itself I take great pride in the wheel builds. If for any reason they don't stand up to normal use then I will be more than happy to have the wheels collected and inspected at my cost. I will then correct any issues and return the wheels, again at my cost.

Fortunately problems are rare but hopefully this gives further confidence to your purchase. 

February 18, 2017 by Neil Dunkley
Tags: warranty
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