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Hope Fortus 30W Factory Mountain Bike Wheels. 

Hope Pro 4 hubs built into Hope Fortus 30W wide profile Enduro and downhill rims.

Hope's newly designed Fortus 30W 30mm internal diameter rim factory built onto their Pro 4 6 Bolt Disc Mountain Bike Hubs. Available in 26", 27.5" and 29", the Fortus 30W is supplied by Moonglu with tubeless tape and tubeless valves. Choose from 6 hubs colours, 3 freehub body options and BOOST or non Boost hubs. 35mm external diameter, 30mm internal, optimized for 2.4-2.8" tyres. 

Mullet setup (29" front and 27.5" rear now available to order) 

Build specification:

Wheel Weight

  • 26" Pair - 2230g
  • 27.5" Pair - 2305g
  • 29" Pair - 2435g
  • 26" Rim only - 645g
  • 27.5" Rim only  - 675g
  • 29" Rim only - 720g

Hub Axle Options

Front Wheel Rear Wheel
9mm Standard Quick Release 10mm Standard Quick Release
15mm Thru Axle 142 x 12mm Thru Axle
20mm Thru Axle
110 x 15mm BOOST Thru Axle 148 x 12mm BOOST Thru Axle

Further Information

  • The rear wheel can be supplied with the option of 9/10/11 speed compatible alloy or steel freehub body or SRAM XD drive compatible.
  • These rims are tubeless compatible from Hope. Although Hope don't supply them tubeless ready, we fit tubeless tape prior to dispatch. We also include a free pair of tubeless valves.
  • The wheel weights quoted above are genuine, complete wheels measured in the shop.
  • For further information about our wheel builds please refer to our Wheel Building FAQs.
  • Warranty Policy

Build time

These wheels are factory ordered from Hope. With hub colours, rim diameters and frame dimensions, there are too many combinations for us to stock. When we receive an order we will place an immediate order with Hope. Once they arrive at Moonglu we will check them over, check the spoke tension, fit the tubeless tape and valves and dispatch them straight away. Although we'd like this process to be seamless, it may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Wheel Builder's Comments

Hope factory built wheels have always been popular and are a great upgrade wheel. Their Fortus wheels take this to the next level with wider rim profiles keeping their products on the curve of modern mountain bike trends. Our wheel building expert will check these wheels prior to dispatch or collection to make sure the spoke tension is even and balanced across the wheel. 

Stock, Shipping and Returns

Shipping Destinations: United Kingdom only

Returns Class: Custom

Delivery: Free in the UK

Click and Collect: Yes

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Ask a Question
  • Hi, I've got a boost frame with a 10 speed sram cassette, what size hope rear wheel do I need?

    Thanks for your message. 

    If you have a BOOST frame you will need the Forrtus 148x12mm BOOST rear hub with the Shimano (or SRAM) 9-11 Speed freehub body in either steel or alloy.

  • Hi looking to buy a set of Hope fortus 29 inch boost wheels with red hubs Shimano freehub 110 x15 front 148x12 rear Are the following wheels in stock Kind regards John


    Thanks for your email. Unfortuntely these are not instock. There is a customer notice on each Fortus webpage stating delivery times. This has been the situation since the start of the Covid pandemic. 

    Wheel orders are submitted to Hope straight away and so far we haven't let anyone down but there is a wait I'm afraid. 

    Thanks again for looking at our website. 

    Kind Regards
    For Moonglu

    Neil Dunkley

  • what is the maximum riders weight for the wheelset in 29 inch?

    Thanks for your question. 

    Hope don't publish maximium rider weights for their wheelsets. In general the industry standard is 120kg but I would suggest these would be safe up to 130kg. They are the most robust in the Fortus lineup. 

    I hope this helps you decide. 

    Kind Regards
    For Moonglu

    Neil Dunkley

  • Hello, i didn't see an option for front wheel hub size 110x20 boost? Only superboost. Is this option available? Many thanks


    Thanks for your message. 

    The front wheel is available in 20x110mm (old) for older 20mm thru axle forks. This is a standard hub with 20mm end caps. 


    20x110mm BOOST (SuperBoost) for newer 20mm BOOST forks. This is a BOOST hub with 20mm end caps. 

    I hope this helps

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • What’s the waiting time for a hope wheel set at the moment please?


    Thanks for the message. The current waiting time for Fortus 30W is still 6 weeks. It has been like this for the past year and whilst it's not ideal we have continued to take orders and supply riders without letting anyone down. 

    I hope this helps. If you decide to order from us then we'll get the order to Hope straight away and get the wheels to you as soon as possible. 

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Hi, rear hubs just blown and thinking of just getting a full new wheelset. Just wondering what the turn around and price would be on fortus 30's in 29, boost front and rear on shimano 12speed? Also, discs fitted if possible. Thanks


    Good morning, many thanks for your message. 

    Delivery time of Fortus wheels is still 4-6 weeks. I'd recommend ordering as soon as you can and we will be able to get them to you before Christmas. 

    If you want discs fitting drop me a line after you have ordered the wheels and we can sort that out. 

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Hi is it possible to order the rear wheel Hope Fortus 30W in boost sizing 148 x 12 but with an adaptor to change to 141QR think it may be HUB 238 conversion kit?


    Thanks for the message. It is possible to specify that wheel option, we have done it a few times. I'll make an adjustment to our website tonight to allow direct ordering. 

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Hello peeps, how quickly can you get a set of hope Fortus 30 wheels out, given the odd time we are currently living in


    Good evening, many thanks for the message. The current waiting time for Fortus wheels is 2 weeks from order. Hope are operating with limited staff and they're dealing with excessive wheel orders. 

    We are receiving orders through in a timely manner but that's the best we can do at the moment. 

    Kind Regards
    For Moonglu

    Neil Dunkley

  • Is it possible to order a set of wheels with mixed sizes, to fit to a Singular 69er frameset. I would want a Fortus 26 on Pro 4 135x10 Shimano 11 speed rear and a Fortus 26 on Pro 4 15x100 front. Is it possible to order this combination.


    Good morning, many thanks for your message. 

    We can supply that wheelset for you. There is the option on our website to buy individual wheels. 


    Hope are on a 2 week turnaround for wheels currently. 

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Any idea when you will be getting fortus 30 27.5 wheels sets back in for orders ?


    I have reset the website. They are available to order from Hope but delivery is slower at this moment. Allow 2 weeks from time of order. 

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Is it possible to purchase these with hubs suitable for centerlock brake discs? If not, are there adapters available? Thank you


    Thanks for your message. The Hope Fortus wheels are all built onto Pro 4 hubs meaning they are only available in a 6 bolt disc rotor fitting. If you have centrelock rotors already the is no adapter for this. If you want the Fortus wheels you would also have to change to 6 bolt rotors. 

    Many Thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Hi I'm looking at the hope Fortus 30 wheels, but I'm not quite sure what freehub body I would need. I currently have a SRAM NX freehub (PG 1130). I'm guessing I would need the steel option? Thanks, Tom

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your message. For that cassette you will need to select either the Shimano/SRAM 10/11 Speed Alloy or Steel Freehub options, not the XD drive. 

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any problems.

    Many Thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu