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    Wheel Building FAQ

Moonglu Wheelworks hand built road and mountain bike wheels FAQ

How are the wheels packaged?

Our wheels are supplied in a pair of bespoke wheel boxes with our logo on the outside. Each wheel is packaged in its' own box with custom cardboard dividers to stop any damage in transit. If we feel there is a need for extra packaging we may use foam packing. 

Our boxes are 100% recyclable but may be worth holding onto should you wish to sell on any existing wheels as good wheel boxes are hard to find. 

What's in your wheel box?

  • The wheels you ordered, road, mountain or gravel cross. 
  • Tubeless tape. The majority of the wheels we now build are tubeless compatible. If they are road wheels that will be used at high pressure (50 psi or above) we will use yellow tubeless tape, fitting 2 complete rounds of tape. We start at the opposite side of the rim to the valve hole, near the rim join to keep the tape overlap away from the valve hole. We're confident this method won't fail under pressure and will remain sealed. For mountain bike rims we fit 2 complete rounds of Tesa tubeless tape, again starting near the rim join, away from the valve hole. 
  • For 11 speed Shimano compatible freehubs we will include a 9/10 speed cassette spacer. This will be stapled to the cardboard fitting inside the box and should be obvious when the box is opened. 
  • If tubeless valves and sealant are ordered at the same time, we will fit the valves and secure the bottle of sealant inside the box.  

Axle Adapters?

We have set up our pages to allow the customer to pick the correct hub axle adapters for their requirement. The wheels will be supplied with the correct adapters fitted, ready to go into your bike. 

Who builds the wheels?

Owner Neil builds all of the Moonglu Wheelworks wheels, from scratch, by hand. They are laced, tensioned and trued using the same method for every wheel. We follow a set of lacing rules written by both DT Swiss in their wheel building manual and Wheelpro in their popular wheel building book. 

Delivery Time?

Neil has learnt that wheel building cannot be rushed. We don't build thousands of wheels and we don't really want to. Rushing wheel building will inevitably lead to mistakes and mistakes lead to unhappy customers. We take our wheel building business very seriously and although we will deal with wheel orders efficiently, your wheels won't be there next day. Please allow 7-10 days (UK Orders) for your wheels to be dispatched. If there is a problem with your order, Neil will make contact to explain the situation and give an estimated delivery day. 

Covid Delivery Time

The global Covid-19 pandemic has really affected the supply of bicycle parts including hubs, rims and spokes. This has caused a significant knock-on affect to our delivery times. Where possible we are updating each wheel page with specific lead times. This will be dependent on hub and rim availability. We are well stocked with spokes and with the addition of our spoke cutting and threading machine we are well placed to build wheels subject to available parts. 

What specification are Moonglu wheels?

Our wheels are built from the component parts, hub, spokes, rims and rim tape. Pro 4 hubs come boxed from Hope's factory over the border in Lancashire. Our spokes are usually Sapim Race stainless steel, double butted but we may substitute in DT Swiss competition where necessary.

From 2021 we have upgraded our spoke nipples to a secure lock, double square nipple in either alloy or brass. We have done this for a number of reasons. These include their compatibility with DT Swiss PHR washers and the ability to build with a slightly longer spoke, giving a better overlap of the nipple head and hence a stronger wheel, even with alloy nipples. 

With the addition of a Morizumi Spoke Cutting and Threading Machine (SCT) we have really upped our wheel building game. Not only can we cut our spokes to any length, we have cut our inventory down to factory blanks, allowing us to always have the right spoke length available. Through repetition and recording data it has really allowed us to fine tune the spoke length on all of our wheel builds, optimising the lengths down to below 1mm, further enhancing the build quality of all our wheels. 

Morizumi SCT

Can Moonglu build with other spokes?

We do receive regular emails asking for builds with other types of spokes. We do feel the spokes we use on the 'stock' wheelsets are the best available at the cost. Sapim and DT Swiss are the two leading manufacturers of spokes in the world and the stainless steel double butted spokes are cost effective, reliable and average weight.

Our upgrade spoke is the Sapim CX Ray. In our opinion, this is the finest spoke available with a fantastic combination of fatigue strength and low weight, leading to a really low failure rate. Whilst its' bladed profile adds a small benefit in aero properties, in my opinion its' main benefit is the wheel strength. Properly tensioned wheels built with Sapim CX Ray spokes are laterally stiffer and accelerate better than a wheel built with standard spokes. For this reason CX Ray spokes are used on high end factory wheel sets built by brands such as Zipp and Enve amongst many others.