Stans NoTubes Tubeless Tyre Sealant Pint


Tubeless Tyre Sealant

Stops slow leaks and punctures. This Solution converts standard (non tubeless) tyres to tubeless. Also works with any tubeless tyre or tubular tyres. When properly used, it will seal up to 1/4 inch punctures.

The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures. It will not throw the tyre out of balance like other sealants are known to do. Stan’s consists of a special blended Latex Emulsion suspended in Ammonia.  The mixture has spongy burrs that are there waiting to wedge themselves into any larger puncture that catches you off guard on the trail. There is always some amazement from onlookers when you hit something and a puff of white smoke comes out of your tire for a few rotations then that’s it… voila, usually you just keep on riding.

About the Stans NoTubes brand

Stans NoTubes, the makers of the innovative No Tubes tyre system are known for numerous innovations in the bicycle industry. That includes products such as the Stans No Tubes tubeless system, tubeless rims, tyre sealant, rotors, etc.. The No Tubes tyre sealant can also be used in ATV's, handcarts, trailers, and any tubeless tyres! These No Tubes products are being used worldwide by Racers, Olympians, and recreational riders for their cost and weight saving advantages!