Hand built Hope RS4 Centrelock hubs with Stans Grail MK3 Disc Rims


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Moonglu Wheelworks Handbuilt Endurance Road, Gravel Disc and cross wheels

Hope RS4 hubs built into Stans No Tubes Grail MK3 rims

Hope RS4 Centrelock road disc hubs handbuilt into Stans Grail MK3 endurance road disc brake rims. We have paired the RS4 road specific disc hub with the Grail MK3, Stans newest tubeless compatible endurance road disc rim. 

In our opinion, these wheels stack up against anything else out there in the £500 price bracket. The reliability of the Hope RS4 hubs paired with a hand built wheel makes these hard to beat, even compared to Hunt and Mavic wheels. 

From Stans website:

The Grail MK3 rim is designed to let you ride without limits. Whether you’re rolling on fresh asphalt, crushing big gravel miles, or racing cyclocross, the Grail MK3 is ready to outperform the competition. Light, strong, and laterally stiff, the patented shape and 6069 series aluminum construction of the Grail MK3 makes it ideal for longer and more difficult rides both on and off the pavement. Stan’s patented tubeless technology can seal most punctures while you ride, for unmatched durability and peace of mind on every ride. The Grail rim’s versatile BST-R design is compatible with tubeless road tires, low-pressure tubeless converted tires, and conventional tires and tubes. The rim’s patented shape offers a more secure connection and airtight seal with tubeless tires and improves tire stability for superior handling in all conditions.

The Grail MK3’s internal width and patented Bead Socket Technology rim design are optimized for 25-40mm tires. The truth is out that wider is faster, and the shape of the Grail MK3 rim lets you get the most speed from your tires, while also improving tire stability at speed and control in the corners. Nothing beats Stan’s patented tubeless rim design for getting the most performance from your tires.

All the advantages the Grail MK3 offers on the road are even more noticeable once the pavement ends. For cyclocross and gravel racing, the optimized tire shape and added stability offer a distinct advantage. The Grail MK3’s rim shape is even designed to avoid tire pinch flats, allowing ‘cross and gravel racers to run lower pressures that absorb impacts and improve traction.

Rim Specification

Internal Width: 20.3mm

External Width: 24.0mm

Rim Depth: 24.5mm

ERD: 590mm

Construction: 6069 Aluminium Alloy

Valve: 44mm Presta

Max Tyre Pressure 25mm - 110psi

Max Tyre Pressure 32mm - 70psi

Max Tyre Pressure 40mm - 55psi

Build specification:

  • 1 x Hope RS4 Centrelock Disc front hub (hub specification) 
  • 1 x Hope RS4 Centrelock Disc rear hub (hub specification)
  • DT Competition Stainless Steel Double Butted Spokes Black (option to upgrade to Sapim CX Ray Aero Black)
  • 2 x Stans No Tubes Grail MK3 Disc Rims (rim specification)

Wheel Weight

  • Front Wheel - TBCg (CX Ray option)
  • Rear Wheel - TBCg (CX Ray options)
  • Total Weight - TBCg
  • Rim only - 440g

Hub Axle Options

Front Wheel Rear Wheel
100mm Standard Quick Release 135mm Standard Quick Release
15mm Thru Axle 142 x 12mm Thru Axle
12mm Thru Axle

Further Information

  • The rear wheel is supplied as standard with a Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 speed compatible alloy freehub body. 
  • These rims are tubeless compatible, they will be supplied by Moonglu with 2 layers of tubeless tape.
  • For all the wheel aficionados, we build all our wheels with the hub logo lined up with the rim valve hole. A small matter, but important to those with a wheel fetish.
  • The wheel weights quoted above are genuine, complete wheels measured in the shop.
  • For further information about our wheel builds please refer to our Wheel Building FAQs.
  • Warranty Policy

Build time

Before ordering these wheels, please understand that the wheels will generally be built to order from the component parts. Items shown instock will be instock in their component parts, ready to be laced up, tensioned and trued. In most cases we can't pluck these wheels off the shelf, pack them into boxes and dispatch them, if only life was that easy. We will do our utmost to make the turnaround time as quick as possible (usually 7-10 days), but if you are in doubt, please Contact us first. 

Wheel Builder's Comments

Proving to be one of our most popular wheelsets both by sales and internet searches. Customers are clearly looking for handbuilt quality, strong and lightweight wheels with Hope's incredible RS4 hub with their multitude of colours and options. 

Stock, Shipping and Returns

Shipping Destinations: United Kingdom and Europe (additional shipping cost for Europe) 

Returns Class: Custom

Delivery: Free in the UK

Click and Collect: Yes


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  • What is the wheel set weight of Grail Mk3 with Hope RS4 Disc hubs / Sapim CX Ray pokes ?

    Hi there, thanks for your call and message. I have done some calculations based on the RS4 hubs/CX Ray Spokes/Grail MK3 rims in 28 hole with brass nipples. The closest approximation would be 1608g.  They aren't the lighest option as we discussed but this is made up in the quality and reliability.  Let me know if you need any further information   Kind Regards For Moonglu   Neil Dunkley Owner

  • hi, do you have 32h Stans grail Mk3 rims in stock and are you able to build them on my current hubs? I have the original Stans grails and after a few dents, I want to upgrade the rims. the rims are sitting on Hope Pro 4 hubs. thanks

    Hi there, thanks for your message. We can do that rebuild work for you no problem. You can either strip the wheels down and post me the hubs or post me the whole lot and I'll transfer the rims. I'd have to check the respective rim ERDs to see whether I can re-use the spokes.

    Many thanks

    Neil @ Moonglu