Hand built Hope Pro 4 hubs with Stans Arch MK3 rims


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Moonglu Wheelworks hand built mountain bike wheels

All Mountain and Enduro wheels featuring Hope Pro 4 hubs and Stans Arch MK3 rims. Wide profile, strong but lightweight, ideal for enduro racing and trail biking.

Hope's brand new Pro 4 6 Bolt Disc Mountain Bike Hubs handbuilt onto Stans No Tubes Arch MK3 trail and All Mountain rims. Available in 26", 27.5" or 29", the Arch MK3 has long set the standards for tubeless compatible premium mountain bike rims. With a 26mm internal width these are wide enough for tyres up to 2.5". 

Now available with custom coloured graphics. 

We will supply and fit these coloured graphics prior to dispatch. Other colours are available subject to special request. Please note, custom decal orders may result in a slight delay to delivery. 

Build specification:

Wheel Weight

  • Front Wheel - 815g
  • Rear Wheel - 930g
  • Total Weight - 1745g (27.5" Rim with Standard Spokes)
  • 27.5" Rim only - 425g
  • 29" Rim only - 453g

Hub Axle Options

Front Wheel Rear Wheel
9mm Standard Quick Release 10mm Standard Quick Release
9mm Thru Axle (DT RWS type) 10mm Thru Axle (DT RWS type)
15mm Thru Axle (Torque Caps Available to Order) 135 x 12mm Thru Axle
20mm Thru Axle 142 x 12mm Thru Axle
110 x 15mm BOOST Thru Axle 148 x 12mm BOOST Thru Axle

Further Information

  • The rear wheel can be supplied with the option of 9/10/11 speed compatible alloy or steel freehub body or SRAM XD drive compatible.
  • These rims are tubeless compatible, they will be supplied by Moonglu with 1 round of 25mm tubeless tape.
  • For all the wheel aficionados, we build all our wheels with the hub logo lined up with the rim valve hole. A small matter, but important to those with a wheel fetish.
  • The wheel weights quoted above are genuine, complete wheels measured in the shop.
  • For further information about our hand built mtb wheels please refer to our Wheel Building FAQs.
  • Warranty Policy

Build time

Before ordering these wheels, please understand that the wheels will generally be built to order from the component parts. Items shown instock will be instock in their component parts, ready to be laced up, tensioned and trued. In most cases we can't pluck these wheels off the shelf, pack them into boxes and dispatch them, if only life was that easy. We will do our utmost to make the turnaround time as quick as possible (usually 7-10 days), but if you are in doubt, please Contact us first. 

Wheel Builder's Comments

Proving to be one of our most popular wheelsets both by sales and internet searches. Customers are clearly looking for handbuilt quality, strong and lightweight wheels with Hope's incredible Pro 4 hub with their multitude of colours and options. 

Buy these if you're looking for a quality upgrade with easy tubeless set up. Their wide profile makes these ideal for trail and enduro and the extra width will help support the tyre better in corners. 

Stock, Shipping and Returns

Shipping Destinations: United Kingdom and Europe (additional shipping cost for Europe) 

Returns Class: Custom

Delivery: Free in the UK

Click and Collect: Yes


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  • 2 questions for custom build: 1) I have Rock Shox Reba fork (boost) should I go for the option with torque CAP? 2) can You provide the pro's and con's for choosing alloy vs Steel freehub? Thx

    Hi there, thanks for the question. 

    If you have a Torque Cap compatible Rock Shox Reba fork then I would suggest selecting the Pro 4 BOOST with Torque Cap option. Although the standard 110x15mm caps will work, the torque caps provide a more stable interface with the fork. 

    Pro/Cons of Alloy and Steel.

    Steel: Pro: Less prone to damage from cassette; Con: Heavier
    Alloy: Pro: Lighter; Con: Suffers from cassette sprockets digging in and can suffer corrosion later in lifespan. 

    Thanks again

    Neil @ Moonglu

  • Hi I've a Boardman MTR 8.8 that comes with a Boost 141 QR rear axle. I've seen a video showing Hope Boost 148 hubs being converted with an adapter for the 141 quick release. Could you let me know if that's something you can supply with a wheelset or would I need the adapter from Hope? Thank you.

    Hi there, thanks for your message. I've done some research on your bike and it appears clear as mud from the specification and reviews. Boost 141x10mm QR is not a standard that I am aware of. From our point of view we can supply rear wheels in the following standards:

    135x10mm QR (standard QR rear axle)
    135x12mm Thru Axle
    142x12mm Thru AXle (Syntace / X12)
    148x12mm Thru AXle (Known as BOOST)

    I'm not sure where 141mm fits in with this, I suspect its a variant of 142x12mm. What does the quick release look like? Could you send me photos.

    Or is it a Hope BOOST 148 hub with quick release end caps on it?

    The front hub should be fairly standard 110x15mm BOOST.

    I hope this helps

    Kind Regards
    For Moonglu

    Neil Dunkley