Elite Rampa FE-C Zwift Compatible Mag Trainer

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Elite Rampa Smart Mag Turbo Trainer

Launched in 2016, the Rampa is Elite's brand new tyre drive turbo trainer. The Rampa is an interactive wireless smart trainer with automatic resistance adjustment. 

The launch of Zwift in 2015 began a revolution in home training. For years we've had to sell turbo trainers through gritted teeth, telling customers that it wasn't boring and the winter training in the garage would pay off come summer. The training element of that was true, winter miles mean summer smiles but it was always going to be boring. 

Not anymore, Zwift has changed winter training forever, opening up a new and ever changing world to explore. Ride and race with others in real time, anywhere in the world, at any time of day. 


The Elite Rampa trainer is quick and easy to set up with only the rear quick release to swap. It may also be sensible but not necessary to use a Turbo Trainer specific tyre such as the Elite Coperton or Continental Hometrainer II.  


  • Compatible with third party apps and software, and computers, smartphones, tablets and cycle computers that feature Ant™+ (Fe-C) and Bluetooth Smart protocols.
  • Compatible with Real Software Elite.
  • Resistance managed via the standard ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) profile and Power, Speed & Cadence data sent via the standard ANT+ Power and Speed&Cadence profiles.
  • Power and Speed&Cadence data sent via the standard Power and Speed&Cadence Bluetooth service. Resistance managed via the proprietary Bluetooth service.
  • The reinforced frame (50mm tubes) and wide footprint ensure safety and stability.
  • Ø 40mm Elastogel roller.
  • Automatic Tension Plate: a system that maintains the the correct pressure between the unit roller and tire throughout training sessions.
  • Fast Fixing: a quick, easy and safe way to secure the bicycle to the trainer.
  • Compatible with road and mountain bikes wheels between 24-29". A smooth tyre must be used in all cases.


Communication Protocols

  • ANT+
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • FE-C

Further details and detailed How to videos are available on the Elite website.

The technical manual for the Rampa is available here.

If you're looking for independent reviews, DC Rainmaker is definitely worth a read. Below is a recent review of Elite's new range of trainers including the Rampa.

DC Rainmaker Elite Review

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