DT Swiss R 414 Rear Shock with Lever Remote


DT R 414 Suspension Rear Air Shock 

RACE PROVEN - Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter raced their R 414 shock to the top step of the Podium at the 2016 World Championships and at the Olympic Mountain Bike Race in Brasil.
R 414 is an acronym and stands for fast trail riding. Well, not really, but that's what this shock is all about. It's elegant conical shape integrates a large negative air chamber for super supple action which is further enhanced by a low resistance compression piston. With trademark DT Swiss reliability and lightweight, the R 414 sure will push you to try new lines and crush your KOMs.


Parallel to developing the design, lots of testing sessions were done. To get a perfect product, one needs to pay attention to the basic functions and to little details alike – from the ideal spring rate to the right feel of the clicks on the rebound damping dial. The shock's sensitivity has been greatly improved by the new Liné-Air air chamber with its huge negative air spring volume and by modifications on the compression damping piston. Additionally, we optimized the rebound unit to better handle fast, repetitive hits. Our suspension engineer Sam Zbinden's work place is both in the lab and out on the trails – trails he has built himself and as a professional DH rider also knows how to ride. This is how a truly refined product with a very low weight and high reliability – like all DT Swiss products – comes to be. The R 414: Super sensitive, great support in the mid stroke and a well defined end stroke progression.

Key Features

Whilst aimed at mid-travel trail bikes the R 414's all round performance is such that Nino Schurter chose it over more race orientated dampers and used it to win the 2016 the XCO World Championships, blitzing the competition in on the highly technical, rocky Nove Mesto course

Smooth Auto Balancing System (SABS) uses a groove in the air chamber to increase pressure in the negative spring when the shock is extended, giving a super plush, grippy feel ideal for grip and comfort in technical conditions

Adjustable Open Drive Lock (O.D.L.) damping gives you instant access to the optimum suspension settings in any situation; Open for descents, Drive for rolling terrain and Lock for sprinting or road use

Shock is available is both lever or remote controlled versions and when used in conjunction with a DT Swiss O.D.L front fork you have the option of controlling both dampers through a single bar mounted lever

Comes with a medium tune, optimised for bikes with a leverage ratio of 1 : 2.4 -2.8 which covers most designs, whilst damping tunes are a deeply personal matter we would suggest that particularly heavy or light riders, or those with exceptionally low or high leverage ratio frames contact TF Tuned once the shock is bedded in for a custom tune to unlock it's full potential

Spherical bearings allow the shock to align itself perfectly with your suspension and prevent non-linear forces from acting on the shock which could affect performance and reduce seal life

With an interval of 200 riding hours between full services the R 414 is ideal for high mileage riders and those who want their bikes on the trail not the workstand

Weight: 250 grams


ODL Lever Adjustment: Fully Open/Ride/Lock

Factory Tuned High Speed Rebound and Compression Damping

Rider Low Speed Rebound Adjustment 

High Pressure Shock Pump Included

Available Shock/Stroke Lengths







Shock mounting hardware is available but not supplied with the shock. 

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