Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Road Bike Tyre


Grand Prix 4000S II Road Bike Tyre

The Grand Prix 4000 S II is the reference tyre in the road bike market and has gone through numerous stages of evolution. Across the key metrics of grip, wear and rolling resistance this folding bead road tyre wins most tests hands down.

"I have used these tyres personally on my summer road bike since they were released by Continental. Although there has been a global trend to 25mm wide tyres I have stuck with the 23mm version of the GP4000S II and they have done me proud on the roads of Yorkshire. I've had 1 puncture in 3 years on these tyres and I'd put that down to poor riding rather than a tyre fault". - Testimonial of Moonglu Owner Neil Dunkley. 

Key Features:

  • Continental's flagship race and all round road tyre. 
  • Vectran breaker for unsurpassed puncture protection.
  • Patented Black Chili compound for low rolling resistance and sensational grip. To protect the secrets of the compound Black Chili is only produced and used in their German factory. The compound has been tested to show it improves rolling resistance by 26% and provides 30% more grip than standard compounds. 
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Constructed of 3 plies, totalling 330 TPI
  • Weight 23mm: 205 grams
  • Weight 25mm: 225 grams
  • Weight 28mm: 235 grams

Tyre Offer

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    • Road Cycling UK for their Top 100 products of 2016
    • Summer road tyre of choice for Moonglu staff