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    Cycle to Work Scheme

Our Supported Cycle to Work Schemes

Cycle to work schemes help subsidise the cost of a new bike, accessories (or a combination of both) and can help you save up to 42%. There's a variety of different schemes available and your employer may be signed up to one or more of these. Each generaly work in the same way but it's easiest if you speak with your employer as they'll be able to give you all the required information on which schemes they are a part of (and some paperwork) before you arrive in store. We'd be happy to answer any-and-all questions you may have regarding your cycle to work requirements either over the phone or face-to-face, in store.

Which schemes do we offer?

Are there any rules on what I can buy?

Generally speaking, there's a £1000 limit on your quote. This means that the most you expect to get is £1000, usually. However, there is an ability (in a good proportion of schemes) to add to this with your own money, so you can go that little bit further and really get the bike and gear you want.

An exception to this is the Green Commute Initiative. They have their own Consumer Credit License allowing them to offer an uncapped amount. This is especially good for high value bikes and electric bikes.  

How does it work?

Your new purchase is essentially a salary sacrifice. The cost of your new gear is spread out over a number of months, and will be deducted from your salary before tax and NI is considered. This means that you'll get some tax relief, too, as your tax and NI is calculated after the deduction. That's where the savings are made for your new purchase.