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Lynskey Performance Designs handcraft world-renowned titanium bicycles and components. They're located in the quiet town of Chattanooga, Tennessee but the bikes they make are anything but that. There is an unequivocal purity of line that flows through every one of their creations - powerful, smooth, confident, and sleek. Skilled craftsmen create all of these qualities in each of their designs. Their most important goal is to create an empowering experience that fills the riders' passion for cycling and inducts them into the Lynskey global family.

Moonglu have been selling Lynskey titanium frames since they appeared in the UK in 2008. Titanium has always held a fascination to cyclists as the wonder material that outlasts all the other bike frame materials and has combined material properties that makes it ideal for bike frames. 

Since working with the Lynskey brand consistently for nearly a decade we have built a reputation for great product knowledge across the range, both road and mountain bikes. We have completed custom builds on a number of their models including the Sportive, Sportive Disc, Cooper CX Disc, Pro Cross, M240, Helix and R240 titanium frames. 

Further information on Moonglu custom built Lynskey Titanium bikes can be found here