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Moonglu Wheelworks has now made the transition to almost exclusive use of DT Swiss rims. We have worked closely with the brand and now feel they have a fantastic offering across the range for both road and mountain wheels. I would go so far as to say that the construction and finish quality of the rims is amongst the best I have ever built.

Mountain bike wheels have always been the cornerstone of our wheel building business and this hasn't shown any signs of waning. DT Swiss have completely revised their range of rims, there is now a tubeless compatible rim for every occasion or type of bike, from cross country racing right through to Enduro and 650b+ wheels.

We built our mountain bike wheel business on our relationship with Hope Technology. British riders are drawn to British products. The Hope Pro 4 is Hope's latest creation, designed, tested and built only 35 miles away from our shop. Their quality and reliability give them instant appeal among the hardcore mountain bike community. The entire DT Swiss range of mountain bike rims are available to order, hand built onto Hope Pro 4 hubs. 

The move to BOOST 110x15mm and 148x12mm hubs has thrown a stock holding spanner in the works. Before BOOST we were able to stock front and rear Hope hubs in all size anodized colours. Unfortunately BOOST has doubled this number and made it impossible for us to stock hold all the colour options. As most orders are for black hubs we maintain stock of BOOST and standard Pro 4 hubs in black. Customer should note that orders placed for coloured Pro 4 hubs may take slightly longer to ship.

We also stock all 4 freehub body options for Hope Pro 4 hubs, 9/10/11 speed Shimano in alloy and stainless steel, SRAM XD Drive and Hope's own cassette carrier body.   

DT Swiss have worked hard on their road disc rims and now have 3 really sound options, the R460 DB, a really high quality but cost effective offering and the R411 DB and R511 DB rims which feature much higher quality alloys and their Squorx alloy nipples and nipple washers. All these rims are tubeless compatible. 

For road disc wheels we have options built onto DT Swiss 350 hubs, 240s hubs and the soon to be available Hope RS4 road specific disc hubs. 

We continue to use Mavic rims although we have reviewed our sales history and narrowed the range down to the XM819 and EN821 in 26" and 29" only. 

Many customers bought wheels from Moonglu Wheelworks as we offered something different. Our Blue Edition wheels in particular proved popular and although we no longer list them on our site we are still able to offer blue Hope Pro 4 hubs built into DT Swiss EX471, XM401 and XM481 rims. 



January 10, 2016 by Neil Dunkley

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