Sustrans Coast to Coast Cycle Route NN69

Way of the Roses

In the summer of 2010, Sustrans, the body responsible for the National Cycle Network opened their newest coast to coast cycle route. Route NN69 runs 172miles across the north of England from Morecambe on the west coast across the Pennines to Bridlington on the East Coast. Put together by Sustrans to celebrate 15 years of the National Cycle Network, the Way of the Roses takes in some spectacular scenery as it passes over the Pennines and passes by some important historical sites including the World Heritage Site at Fountains Abbey near Ripon.


At Moonglu, we are ideally placed on this route as Ripon is approximately half way and makes a great stopping point for a 3 or 5 day ride or an overnight stopoff for a 4 day ride. We have particular close ties with some accomodation in the beautiful village of Studley. Dave Jelley offers accomodation as part of his guided runs business Jelley Legs but he can accomodate cyclists just as easily, check out the accomodation page on his website,

Emergency Bike Repairs

Our workshop has already come to the rescue of numerous cyclists, in need of emergency bike repair work, in fact, on the opening weekend of the route, last year we were swamped with gear adjustments and other running repair work. Our most satisfying rescue was a recent lady who came in with a broken frame. She had set of from Morecombe with a creaking noise but this got progressively worse as she crossed the Pennines until it got to a point where the problem became obvious, the seat tube on her step through frame had become detached from the top tube. She came into Moonglu somewhat dejected, expecting an end of ride post mortem by our workshop staff. On this occasion luck was on her side as quick thinking by shop owner Neil got her back on a near identical replacement bike within 1/2 hr. It turned out Neil's mother in law had the same sized bike sat in her garage gathering dust. A quick phone call and the bike arrived 10 minutes later, somewhat dusty but ready to complete the rest of the journey. We can't promise that level of service every time, but we will always try to help in emergencies.

Service your bike

One thing we would recommend to those looking to ride the Way of the Roses, is to get your bike looked at before you set off. We have seen bikes in the workshop mid ride that wouldn't have had any problems if they'd been serviced before they set off. Crossing the Pennines is a gruelling experience for both riders and the bike, make sure the drivetrain, particularly the chain and cassette is in a good state of wear and it's also worth checking brake blocks. One thing we would ask is for patience, our workshop is already excessively busy, particularly in the summer months. We will try our very best to help but it's amazing how far a please and thankyou go.

May 17, 2014 by Neil Dunkley

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