UCI Knitted Jersey Update

In 2019 the UCI Road World Championships come to Yorkshire. To celebrate this once in a lifetime event Moonglu Bike Shop along with Ripon Community Poppy Project have created miniature knitted cycling jerseys with the world champions rainbow stripes.

This has already proved to be a massive success. As of April 2nd 2019 we have in excess of 900 original jerseys already made with many still to come. Wool has gone all over the UK and we have individuals who have knitted in excess of 50 each. 

Wool is available from Moonglu Bike Shop on Blossomgate. Thanks to some kind donations the wool is free and supplied as a kit with white and the five colours along with a knitting pattern. 

Mini Jersey Pattern

The current aim of the project is to have the jerseys on display around the city in the middle of summer and through the Championships in September. The completed jerseys can be returned to Moonglu and with the help of the Poppy Project team they will be mounted on nylon rope and fixed to the metal fencing around Ripon Market Square. 

If enough jerseys are knitted then they will be offered to shops and businesses around the city centre to display as they wish. 

People have asked what will happen to the jerseys at the end of the World Championships with many concerned that they will be binned. It is our intention to carefully take them down, wash them all and the Poppy Project team will get to work, fold down the arms and sew them all together to make blankets. These can be distributed to those in need including the vulnerable or homeless. 

Fish and Chip Baby Vest

In April we also launched a new project, the Fish and Chip Baby Vest. Many babies born in Africa are sent home wrapped in newspaper as their families are too poor to provide clothing. The nights are cold in Africa and a knitted baby vest could provide valuable warmth when they need it the most. 

UCI Knitted Baby Vest

Initially these will be on display around the city to celebrate the Worlds but once the event is over they will be sent to Africa to clothe newborn babies. We have been advised that white is not a desirable colour in Africa as they are rarely washed and the colour white is associated with burial. Once they are taken down from around Ripon we are looking to dye them all a darker, more friendly colour before sending them on to African countries. 

Baby Vest Pattern

Thanks to Carol Dunkley for both knitting patterns, the prototype jerseys and the ongoing efforts with the knitting packs. 

April 02, 2019 by Neil Dunkley
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