0% Finance at Moonglu

0% Finance at Moonglu

With a changing world and household finances becoming increasingly squeezed, the ability to spread the cost of higher value purchases is now critical. 

Bikes are a typical high value purchase. Whether it is a new road bike, a tricked out mountain bike or even an electric bike these can all cost £1000+. Moonglu have partnered with V12 Finance to offer a range of finance options to spread the cost of your new purchase. Payments can now be deferred by 3 to 6 months in a Buy Now Pay Later option.  

By far the most popular is 0% or Interest Free Finance. Typically bikes can be purchased with a 10% deposit and up to 36 monthly payments with no hidden costs or finance charges.

Finance doesn't have to be used only for bikes. The evolution of the turbo trainer market has seen some very high end Smart Trainers hit the market. Our premium trainer, the Elite Drivo costs £1199, easily the cost of a carbon road bike. We are able to offer 0% Finance on any product or combination of products above £500.

What will my monthly payments be?

Through our partnership with V12 Finance and Ride It Away there is access to a simple finance calculator. Simply enter the value of your chosen bike, enter your deposit amount and chose your payment term and the calculator show your monthly repayments.

Ride It Away Finance Calculator

There really is no better time to chose finance with their new range of Buy Now, Pay Later finance packages. 

Why can't I have a discount and 0% Finance?

Unfortunately, we can't offer both, it's one or the other. In order for us to facilitate interest free finance we have to swallow a percentage of the value. Items on our website that are on sale are not available through 0% Finance but there may be options through low APR traditional finance packages. 

How do I apply for Finance at Moonglu?

We are working on a integrated finance facility on our website. Once this is installed applying for finance will be a simple process at checkout. 

Currently we have the options for either in store application or if there is a bike you've seen on our website, send us an email (info@moonglu.com) and we can forward an application for you to fill out and complete online.

In store application takes 10 minutes and all you will need to bring is an in date banking card for direct debit and validating purposes.  

Finance is only available to over 18s and UK residents.

What's Included?

Finance isn't limited to the bikes or products shown on our website. We can offer 0% Finance on any product over £500 from the following brands:

  • Giant Bikes
  • Genesis Bikes
  • Ridley Bikes
  • Saracen Bikes
  • Ridgeback Bikes
  • Elite Trainers
  • DT Swiss Wheels

Don't forget, if you're looking at a £399 bike, chances are you'll need a helmet, lights, etc. These will soon at up to £500 and qualify for finance.

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January 04, 2017 by Neil Dunkley
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